Why being a tall guy is great but sometimes sucks


I read a post on the pros and cons of being a tall girl but I thought I should talk about being a tall guy. I'm 194 cm or 6'4 to be exact. I've been the same height since I was 18 and haven't shrunk at all due to regular exercise and good posture. I was known as the tall guy or Mr 6'4 at my former workplace. I feel I should discuss my experiences below listing the pros and the cons.

The Good Stuff

1. Extroverted: My height matches my extroverted personality. I love talking to people and in social settings people are drawn to me due to my height. Taller men are perceived as more successful and people look to me for advice all the time.

2. Clothes: Despite how hard it can be to find clothes that fit properly when I do find them it's so rewarding. I look fantastic in a suit as well dress shirts and golf shirts suit me well.

3. Easy to spot: People recognize me from a distance and I stand out in a crowd as a result. I'm 215 lbs and have loud footsteps that people can hear from afar.

4. I'm Athletic: My build is an athletic one and combined with my height I Excel at soccer, basketball it's obvious and with running I'm incredibly fast. For fun my friends and I will have foot races and I smoke them. The long legs help a lot even at 61.

5. Big Meals: With my age, weight and level of exercise I'll usually eat up to 3000 calories every day. I really enjoy my giant breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Things that suck

1. Claustrophobia: I get terrible claustrophobia when walking around urban areas. London is by far the worst on a crowded street. I sometimes bump into people which is embarrassing. I always internally panic in crowds.

2. Cramped Legs: Even after a 30 minute drive or sitting down watching a movie my legs feel horribly cramped. Don't even get me started on airplane seats or long drives.

3. Being a Fetish: When I was a young man in the 1980s women had an absolute obsession with my height. Oftentimes women who dated me weren't even interested in my personality but rather my height. I want to be liked for my personality and intellect rather than height.

The way women look up to me
The way women look up to me
Why being a tall guy is great but sometimes sucks
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