Why being a tall guy is great but sometimes sucks


I read a post on the pros and cons of being a tall girl but I thought I should talk about being a tall guy. I'm 194 cm or 6'4 to be exact. I've been the same height since I was 18 and haven't shrunk at all due to regular exercise and good posture. I was known as the tall guy or Mr 6'4 at my former workplace. I feel I should discuss my experiences below listing the pros and the cons.

The Good Stuff

1. Extroverted: My height matches my extroverted personality. I love talking to people and in social settings people are drawn to me due to my height. Taller men are perceived as more successful and people look to me for advice all the time.

2. Clothes: Despite how hard it can be to find clothes that fit properly when I do find them it's so rewarding. I look fantastic in a suit as well dress shirts and golf shirts suit me well.

3. Easy to spot: People recognize me from a distance and I stand out in a crowd as a result. I'm 215 lbs and have loud footsteps that people can hear from afar.

4. I'm Athletic: My build is an athletic one and combined with my height I Excel at soccer, basketball it's obvious and with running I'm incredibly fast. For fun my friends and I will have foot races and I smoke them. The long legs help a lot even at 61.

5. Big Meals: With my age, weight and level of exercise I'll usually eat up to 3000 calories every day. I really enjoy my giant breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Things that suck

1. Claustrophobia: I get terrible claustrophobia when walking around urban areas. London is by far the worst on a crowded street. I sometimes bump into people which is embarrassing. I always internally panic in crowds.

2. Cramped Legs: Even after a 30 minute drive or sitting down watching a movie my legs feel horribly cramped. Don't even get me started on airplane seats or long drives.

3. Being a Fetish: When I was a young man in the 1980s women had an absolute obsession with my height. Oftentimes women who dated me weren't even interested in my personality but rather my height. I want to be liked for my personality and intellect rather than height.

The way women look up to me
The way women look up to me
Why being a tall guy is great but sometimes sucks
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Most Helpful Guys

  • InventorofWarp
    I'm 6'8 and also workout regularly and the claustrophobia is spot on.
    I can't handle crowds and actually have had panic attacks in them before but that's not so much due to size but rather just childhood.
    Also I am definitely more of an introvert despite liking people and I'm not really an athletic per say despite working out, I'm a musician and singer and I prefer curling and chess to basketball or any other fucking height-related sport. Fuck I hate being asked that.

    I also understand being a fetish but for me I find it's more for my tattoos and leather women instantly assume I'm an easy lay when in reality I'm still waiting for the right girl and it doesn't make me feel very great after.
    Also I'd add in: Fitting in cars. Very difficult unless it's a Buick, a Ford or a Dodge. And you either get to have your sports car or you get to have a comfortable car. You do NOT get both. And if you think motorcycles are the way around that... lol. You try riding for an hour on the open road. After 45 minutes your spine is shot and your fucking back HURTS.
    I expect I'll pay for that one when I'm your age.

    Also the food is a con for me. Man it wasn't till I moved out when I was 22 I learned how fucking expensive I am to feed. I owe my dad for not culling one of us to save money.
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  • Bluemax
    My tallest friend is 6'7". He is as skinny as a rail. He never had women fetishize him because he ha FAS so his face is somewhat off. He runs like lightning!

    Another of my friends is 6'2" and weighs over 400 pounds. Sweetest guy you ever met. Good father, too. He's HUGE. Sadly not in good health.

    Two other friends of mine are 6'4". They reveled in the female attention they got. Very athletic. Bodies like Greek gods.

    None of the aforementioned dudes is claustrophobic, though you think they would be.

    I have a few tall friends. Until recently I thought of myself as average height. However, I looked it up and found that at 6', I'm 2" above the national average. In fact that puts me in the top 20%. Here I was thinking I was average, perhaps even on the short side! That's the side effect of having tall friends. 😊
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Cherry234
    This is an interesting myTake. Those women who were only into you bc of your height and not your personality are very shallow. I think it's fine for people to have preferences but when you really like someone, things like chemistry and compatibility are more important than height. I don't know what it's like being a tall person and sitting on a plane. I imagine that's very uncomfortable
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  • dustybiker
    Have you ever tried riding motorcycles? I have a number of tall friends who feel much better riding the wind than being stuffed in a vehicle. They also drive trucks as they make them with more leg room. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Have a soft spot for tall people.
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  • Apulu_02
    I have the same problem. As boys prefer short height girl they always come to me. I'm a short height girl. My tall brothers always tease me saying me that will I ever grow tall. I'm said I am cute when I want to be beautiful. I even have height problems bro.
  • MCheetah
    I've always been jealous of tall people. My short-ass has always been stuck down here at 181 cm. I can't say I understand any of the 'problems' tall people have. To me, they seem like minor inconveniences. I'd take having to pay more for clothes and having less clothes options over being ignored by 96% of women due to something you cannot correct or fix, anyway. I wouldn't mind being a "fetish," even if female.

    @nerdyandtall, what do you think his post?
  • bolverk
    Another bummer of being tall (I'm 6' 2") is getting a mattress that is long enough at the moment I'm using a Euro Length mattress that is 90 Cm x 200 Cm (35.43" x 78.74") and that's just barely long enough, when I buy my next mattress I'll probably get one custom built.
  • zagor
    Yeah I don't think I'd want to be too much taller, though I used to when I was younger. I knew a guy in college who was 6'9 and he had an automatic head bob when he walked through doorways. My friend who is about 6'5 had a much worse experience than I when we flew coach to Australia. And at one place I worked one of the guys was about 7'2 and he looked like an adult at a kid desk working on the computer.
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    The main thing I worry about is ceiling fans. Like, holy shit we have a shower now. “Don’t you dare stuff my ass ina cage, or I’ll get claustrophobic and I’ll start to rage. Haven’t eaten since the Carnotaur on the island, hungry for Mills I hope I find him.”
  • backdoorman
    Nice take. At 6' 3" I can relate to most of this. I dread flying because I can never get comfortable. I'm always bumping my head on things. I've never felt "fetishized", per se, but I've enjoyed the interest from women.
  • Partaken
    So the downsides are claustrophobia (which has nothing to do with your height), leg cramps, and women want to have sex with you?

    Sounds rough man 👍
  • NobleFlight
    im not as tall as you, im around 6 feet right now, but I sure do hate hitting my head on everything
  • Iron_Man
    I don’t see how being tall would make you have claustrophobic paranoia? Being tall is powerful beautiful an exhilarating above the average person of the world feeling
  • Browneye57
    You're not REALLY fussing and whining about all this are you? Seriously?
  • t-8900
    I'm 191cm, 6'3. We are a bit different in that I eat up all the female attention happily tbh. It could be because my mother abandoned me as a child and there's some deeply rooted psychological issues there. And thus why I am at times Introverted while other times Extroverted. I think if my mom had been a good mother I would have ended up being a real ladies man tbh. instead i am sometimes very socially awkward unless I am in the mood for conversation. If I'm busy reading or typing I absolutely hate talking to anyone no matter if it's an ugly dude or a beautiful woman. I'm laser focused on what I'm doing. Not sure if that's normal or not tbh. I used to be fetishized in school too for being Italian. It sounds really weird. I used to slick my hair back and ALL the black and latina chicks wanted a piece of me. Grabbing my balls, smacking my ass, grabbing my shoulders, that was basically my high school experience.
  • XSea-Sonic
    If you have physical aptitude, you can come play pro basketball.

  • _Troian_
    Thats usually more fun to watch tall man falling on the ground after a strong punch they recieve to their jaw 😏
  • anon1903
    Are you ripped and have it long? I'm an average lady and you have me curious
    • Um above average and I'm 61 but still am slender with sizable biceps though my son tells me there softer. Your 20 go chase after my son he's 23 and looks quite a bit like Tom Cruise. He's 5'8 with hazel/green eyes and athletic.

    • anon1903

      Gimme his number

    • Ha you live in Wales by any chance? I don't want to give his personal information.

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  • Fion3il
    They really need to make seats bigger and give more leg room, not just for tall people
  • darkcloud1945
    The worst part is banging the head on the pipes in the basement.
  • backblueblack22
    It’s better to be a fetish than to be invisible.
  • This_Is_My_Opinion8
    See my profile picture!!!