10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls


10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls

Do you ever do something on your social media that pisses your old lady off?

1. Ignoring Her Online

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls

You NEVER comment or like her posts! But she sees you are engaged by everybody else.

2. Selfie Overdose

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls

Too many shirtless selfies on Instagram and social media. Who are you trying to impress? She can get territorial just like you AND you don't need to look so thirsty.

3. Telling Social Media Something Before Her

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls

Never ever announce something on social media that your girl doesn't know yet. That will make her feel stupid and not special. But no need to tell her what you had for breakfast, unless you were having it with someone she NEEDS to know about.

4. Status Updates

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls

You have time to tell the world your every move like your in the shower, but you don't have time to text your girl? Not a good look...

5. Ignoring Her Texts/Calls But Posting On Social Media

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls

If you are trying to be off the radar with her, but don't post on your social media accounts that just makes you look so guilty! Don't tell her you're taking a nap when you are updating your status and checking in at the club!

6. Instafamous

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls

Nobody wants to be with someone who is trying to be "instafamous." Do you care more about strangers liking your photos or do you care more about if your partner still likes you?

7. Party Photos

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls

A girl wants to see that you're mature, not that you are constantly boozing it up at the bars and clubs. Just make sure your social media presence shows that you are well rounded!

8. Live Tweeting Sports Events

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls

Your followers don't need a play-by-play update of the game you are watching on TV! Now if you are their live and in person, it might be more exciting that you are getting the exclusive!

9. "Liking" Other Girls' Photos

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls

The BIGGEST no no of all! If you are in a serious relationship, liking your commenting another girl's sexy photo will embarrass your girl. It is the digital equivalent of complimenting or hitting on another girl RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER!

10. Creeping On Her Friends' Accounts

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls

Don't give your girl a reason to think you are making a move on her friends. Sure you can be cool with them, but don't be too friendly now!

Ladies, what do guys do on social media that turns you off? Guys, is there anything YOU hate that girls do on social media?

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Turns Off Girls
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Most Helpful Guy

  • John_Doesnt
    This is why I avoid Facebook and Twitter all together once I start a relationship. I usually tell them I'm not into social media or I haven't used my account in a long time.
    There is way too much maintenance when a girl expects you to use social media sites with her. I'd rather stick to my work, hobbies and spending actual time with her.
    My main motto I always tell women is "If it's so important, then tell me to my face not on Facebook." I'll gladly spend real time with a woman; dates, dinner, hobbies, fun with friends/family. But this whole internet media obsession that so many women develop is very annoying to me.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • xobrowneyedbeauty
    the sports thing really doesn't bother me at all. the selfies are ridiculous though, it's bad enough when girls post constant selfies. guys look like tools and girls look like attention whores. my boyfriend barely ever uses social media and i am quite ok with that haha :p
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  • Octavion
    I feel like girls do each and every one of these way more than guys do. Social media has more female users and it's basically their lives now. It's stupid crap like this why I'm never using social media again. I know guys do this but when I think of too many selfies on social media I default to thinking of a girl holding the camera above her head at an angle to appear skinnier doing the duckface...
  • dartmaul15
    What about us guys with an average of under 5 facebook statuses in the YEAR? (my last post is from graduation, in the early summer 2014 XD)
    How should we deal with it, when we find social media to be overhyped, and is honestly annoyed by the whole obsessive need to post everything online?
  • Roostah
    These all sound like something a woman past her physical prime would complain about. BRB can't show I'm having a good time at a party but 5 years prior it was ok for you to post pics of a guy drinking shots from your belly button on facebook.


    This is BETA BEHAVOIR, and signals you are needy to a girl and respond to her commands like an obedient dog.
  • OpenClose
    Lol, you say these as though women aren't at least equally guilty. Especially #2.

    I would rather see a bunch of shirtless guys than this:

    • Duckface is a suckface👎 It looks gross. Why do people do that?

  • GirlsLie
    I've seen so many questions from girls getting mad that their boyfriends are commenting/liking other girls photos on social media, so you nailed that one lol

    Anyway, to me anything that anyone does is pretty much a turn off on social media, I hate the entire thing.
  • Xoxoxooo123
    i agree with the selfie one

    however i could care less about social media... its apart of our culture so i can understand someone at least desiring to have a presence online.

    in short: i dont care what you doon the internet as long as you're loyal, successful, happy, and you have a pulse offline not just online
  • ccp16
    It actually pisses me off that social media can play this large of a role in relationships now... good thing I am not on there much.
  • Hidden_P
    I agree with this. There's being curious and there's being serious and hardcore. And it's not okay at that point.
    Also others don't seem to have picked up, you are implying a girl you are in a relationship with, not a casual fling or a "dating" relationship, yes?
  • Miphee
    Excellent suggestions for teens from 13-17 but adults don't live their lives on these sites and don't throw a hissy fit when a guy doesn't do what they expect from him. Sites like these are a major strain on relationships.
  • Frost_Byt3
    These are all perfect examples of how social media... completely fucks up relationships...
  • sammy_31
    Good take I agree but it works both way I am sure guys dislike when there girl does the same thing. Basically no one likes it.
  • RationalLioness
    There are some things I agree with but not all of them. I doubt that most adults would be annoyed by a lot of the things on the list unless if they're insecure themselves or about their relationship.
    • Pfft. I was about to repost another one. Number one? Highly annoying to me. If I SEE you online, don't pretend like you're not.

  • RoastedCat
    If a guy made a list about girls this way it would be sexist
    • Kshppatel

      Yeah nobody wants to hear that though smh but you are so right.

  • Geist
    What about these guys and girls
    that get on there Facebook crying they're soo alone with no one to love, then hours later they update their status to 'in a relationship' and post a bunch of mushy photos saying how "in love" they are.

    (Then 3 days after they're desperate and single again.)

    Umm excuse me I thought love had to grow take time and a relationship took compatibility and trust. Guess I'm that small percent that believe in taking it slow, and waiting a few days before I'd go announcing it to the world.
  • LittleSally
    Guys and girls do... Not just guys...
    but yes, all of it is stupid.
    Thank God I+m not involved in the hugest scam ever - 'social media'.
    • mysterymo

      Isn't this site considered social media... aren't u taking part in this "scam"?

    • Nope...
      This isn't ME, I'm not talking to people I actually know, I don't share things that are indeed personal...
      Maybe it is considered social media, but I don't.
      If so... then I am participating in this scam... Still, I keep everything important to myself. Including my identity.

  • peachblossomluck
    A lot of that stuff you have to force yourself to ignore because it just gets so obnoxious! The sexy selfie guy can stay though👍
  • mysterymo
    Love this my take. They're all so true! N I like the pics u chose for this 😆
  • TheDevilInside
    Somehow a guy who's constantly "updated" on his social media is a huge turn off for me. I associate that with immaturity. You know why? Because I was always like that too when I was younger. Now that I'm older, I don't feel the need to make my life and thoughts public everytime anymore. I don't need the likes and the validation anymore. So that's why I think someone who is my age yet still does that incessantly is immature.

    And liking other girls' photos? Especially scantily clad girls? Oh I am SO going to judge you as a creeper, even if I don't have any interest in you.
  • Ballerinasinger3
    the facebook convo for status updates thoo!!! omg haha
  • custard-cream
    Seems like people can't live without updating any social media anymore, total mood killer :( My ex used to be on it al the time! Thumbs up to this article! Y'all should answer my question when you have a minute, I'd be very grateful ;)
  • Metlahead
    What if GaG is the only social media I have? Do I win or lose? LOL
  • Roycaryn
    Social media is like a safety net for some people. It should ideally be one that starts dropping away after you get into a serious relationship.
    • Rocky19

      Hey do you live in Grand Rapids I know that profile pic from anywhere

    • Roycaryn

      Nah, I just randomly found it off Google images searching for "skyline" or something along those lines.

  • Narcisita
    I love it how everyone here is hating on social media and saying how bad it is for relationships, but I two things in their defense: 1. if thanks to them you find out someone you are with is cheating or lying you, it's not fault of social media, but that person in cheating or lying to you. 2. the best about social media is that you can communicate with people you want to talk to (who may be far away) and get in touch with them more easily- and you can do it for less money and faster then ever! Technology is advancing with time, don't be afraid of it.
  • Jrud10
    I only possess a facebook account as far as social media goes, but when I date a woman I tell her right away, I only check it every 2-3 days usually. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.

    As a general rule of thumb, I look at everything she has posted since the last time I looked, pick 2 or 3 of them that are my favorites, and then hit like on them.

    Going through someone's past posts and hitting like on every single one is a pretty big annoyance for women I believe. Ever woke up to 100+ notifications because a creeper "done creeped" on you?

    Also, I had one ex that always wanted to be the first one that broke the news to everyone. If I wrote something first she would get upset.
  • SilenRose
    That promise ring photo was hilarious! XD

    I know most girls hate when guys send them dick pics.
  • TheSpartan
    Wow, girls sound needy.

    This is why you date an actual woman, not an immature, insecure little girl.
  • Bards
    And when strange men send creepy flirting to your inbox
    That's never fun
  • Bethanycats
    Number 9 only because how the picture it is. If it was a picture of her and her kitten go for it.
  • Santrix
    Too much selfie... I do selfie as well but when guys do more than i do, i feel like he's insecure or over confident.
  • Nathand
    this list is filled with BS and was obviously done by a woman who is a hypocrite.
  • YourFutureEx
    Same applies on women.
  • Hannah591
    I like! :)
  • Nuri007
    Great take but I don't agree with #8.
  • Rcjh1987
    great mytake
  • LauraMarx
    all of these things are fine
  • moxygirl11
    Some of these annoy the shit of me
  • zombiebabe
    really great take! i agree
  • Pink2000
    I don't agree with number 9
    • why not? just wondering...

    • Pink2000

      Because liking another girls photo does not mean that he's flirting with her or trying to get with her. For example , I'm the type of person who just scrolls and double taps one very photo. @LiveOutLoud

  • MJas16
    Well written :)
  • muspelhem_5
    Well duh. Good illustrations though.
  • apple24
    Hmm... I don't know/-:
  • Catalina310
    Commenting on girls pics
  • Dandeus
    I'm glad I don't do social media anymore...
  • LeeLFC
    Number 5 should be number 1
  • sp33d
    Oh for fuck's sake...
  • GlassHeart
    #5! and #9
  • blondfrog
    I'd hate it if women did this too :)
  • Kshppatel
    Lol at #4. U mad Danielle? Y u mad?
  • Rocky96
    A good message, you wrote it very beautifully.
  • hisexissex