My boyfriend texts his female friend frequently (daily) and this makes me uncomfortable?

Okay, so in this era yeah we are all so hooked up on facabook, whatsapp and etc. The point is, I have been dating my boyfriend about 6 months now and everything is perfectly fine. However, in the beginning I did notice that he was close to a few females and one in particular. However I thought it was perfectly normal as we all have friends of the opposite sex.

After knowing him for almost 9 months now... I noticed that he is very close to that one girl in particular ; like they whatsapp each other like everyday, every morning and how do I know this? well every single time we go dating, I see her name flashes on his screen (whatsapp) and I just don't understand why he has to reply her while he is on a date with ME!

I don't get to see him often, and if it was my friend who texted me I would definitely tell my friend I'm out with my boyfriend and i'll get back to her/him later.

His female friend does not know he has a gf (me) because we think it's still early to let everyone know that we are a couple. We want to keep it low for the time being. and this is a decision we both made.

The thing is, he treats me really well and I do know that I am his priority,, but my ex cheated on me and I don't know if it's because of him or what that I feel a little insecure about this.

Is it normal for a guy to text his female friend everyday eventhough he already has a gf? nowadays everytime I think of whatsapping him, i also think if he's msging her, talking to her etc... and I DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE THIS!

Should I be worried about this? Am i being paranoid? i love my guy a lot and I don't want to be one of those dominating annoying girls out there, but this thing is really bothering me!
I really need help :(
My boyfriend texts his female friend frequently (daily) and this makes me uncomfortable?
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