Confident guy is so different around me? Why?

Why does he act so different around me?
He doesn't say too much without me initiating he just talks differently with other people around. When we're together the way he sometimes speaks to the others around is so different just more chatty , friendly confident. Took us 3 months to start talking more comfortably even though we trained together working closely. He doesn't say a lot without me talking first he's okay to flirt tease or be playful (took him
3 months get to this stage )
His conversations seem flow more with others even other people or girls around he's able to talk normally gentalks faster be confident. He talks slower with me and seems to wait for me to talk to him sometimes he'll bring things up he just lets me lead it. He'll be quiet if I don't say anything just look or smile saying nothing. He loves to flirt and playfully tease me often in a sarcastic mean way you know he's joking that's how seems to be most comfortable communicating. Or being close sometimes touching when he gets a good opportunity.
This guy is a confident guy the type who could talk to anybody? why is he like this with me. Is he looking for signs of interest?

He's 25/26 I'm 21.
Confident guy is so different around me? Why?
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