The guy I like saw my boobs. How to kill awkwardness?

So my group of friend went swimming together. Of course my crush was there and I was too. When we started getting changed I realized I grabbed the wrong bikini top, and that this one was strapless (which are only good for tanning because my boobs are too big for that). But I wore it anyway and went swimming. Anyway we where playing and having fun in the water, but the waves started getting rough. At one point a huge wave came up and tipped me forwards, it knocke my bikini top of and my boobs where completely exposed. An to make things worse my crush was right in front of me and saw everything. He was nice and gave me his shirt and helped me look for my top (which we eventually found). But I don't want things I be awkward. he probably thought it was fine, but I'm so embarrassed. I honestly don't know how I'll be to look him in the eye (we made eye contact after he saw my boobs). I just don't know how I'll be able to talk to him
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I think our group is going out together next weekend and I do t want to spend the whole day avoiding him
The guy I like saw my boobs. How to kill awkwardness?
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