What does it mean when a girl is surprised that you like her but she is glad that you do?

long story short : I'm a shy guy so much so that I had to tell my friend to tell the girl I like her messages and also I had to go out of state to settle some things

so after I told her all of that stuff I got a message from my friend saying she replied saying that I am a great guy and she was surprised that I like her . she didn't shoot me down , and she didn't say yes

and my friend sends me some survey questions that the girl does through email you may think I'm a bad person but whatever I intend to tell her all this stuff face to face it won't bother me much if I get rejected because from the bottom of my heart : once she is happy I am happy

any ways back to the survey questions I told her my feelings in July this is questions she did yesterday

Are you single, taken, or is it complicated?

Ha, it's definitely complicated.

Does anyone have feelings for you that shouldn't ?

I would say so! But I'm glad he does

How's life going?


I'll be the crazy person and say that the person "that has feelings for you that shouldn't" is me

but what I'm wondering about is what does that fully mean, is she surprised that she attracted someone like me ? I'm really flattered if that's the case ,

or is it the opposite and she is just being polite, or

does she think that I look too much like a gangster type of person to actually like a person like her ( I wouldn't blame her because even my friends thought so about me first time)

whatever the case may be I'm really happy to feel that I gave her confidence, and that I made her happy , that's a mission accomplished in my book because to me she deserves nothing less but happiness :)
What does it mean when a girl is surprised that you like her but she is glad that you do?
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