Does a good morning text mean anything?

So I've been texting this guy for almost 3 weeks and we talk everday except one time for like 2 days. Anyways, were both attracted to each other and all but we kinda talk as friends (as in no pet names or anything) just once in a while he calls me hun or suga and sometimes sends a heart when he's sayin goodnight. There's of course breaks throughout the day during texting but for a guy he's pretty good with it. So last night he fell asleep during texting and we both do that and just talk the next day but this morning he sent me a good morning text which he's never done. Do you think he was just being nice or is he kinda showing he likes me more? This may mean nothing but I'm just curious.
Nah he was just being nice
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He's showing he's into you
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Have no idea, you'd have to ask him
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And I don't mean for this to sound like I'm a dumbass lol I know it literally just means good morning but he never did it before so I was curious
Does a good morning text mean anything?
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