He accidentally grabbed my waist?

So my long time crush and I went to a party today. I hadn't seen him for a couple months and we hardly speak since he always is talking to someone else (popular guy). He is close to his family and super friendly with everyone (hugs, high fives, happy).

Anyways, I didn't have a chance to chat with him but we played against each other for the games.
We were all walking back to the house after playing volleyball when, all of a sudden, I feel a hand from behind me abruptly grab my side towards some body into a very affectionate side hug. His hand was pulling my waist tightly to his body; in a very familiar way.
In that moment, I thought it was my best guy friend messing around with me, so I
patted his back.
It wasn't until a few seconds later when I looked up and was like "oh!" that I realized it was my crush!
He realized it, too, and quickly explained how he thought I was his sister (who is younger than me but the same height and hair color). Which I believe could be possible since he was holding his sister the same way earlier.
I just smiled, hid my butterflies, and we quietly departed.

We only greet each other warmly when we actually see each other. Nothing more than how-are-you and hellos.
Which explains why I freaked out when he did that! Ah, am I overthinking it?
I was completely caught off guard as I felt my heart drop to my belly while being confused in a happy kind of way.
I don't wanna get my hopes up and assume he did it on purpose. :( Even though I wish.

I think I just like him. It's hard for me to understand if he likes me since he treats everyone the same.
But when we're together, it's different. It feels like there is something beyond words between us even when we don't speak.

How can I catch his interest?
He accidentally grabbed my waist?
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