If a guy suddenly asks you to go out and have dinner with him, is he interested to you?

He is my ex schoolmate, we don't chat or communicate always, but sometimes, out of nowhere he will suddenly texted me and ask me out for a dinner. Last time he asked, it was on my birthday. Not expecting much, just want to know what is he really thought?


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  • He could be interested in friendship with you or he could want more from you. If you like him, accept his offer and see where things head.

    • It's already the fourth time he asked me out but I couldn't make it for some reasons. Yeah I will try to accept and see what happens. Thanx!

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  • I think he likes you or at the very least is somewhat interested in you.


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  • Umm may be he just values u as a good friend
    Cuz i've asked my few friends fr dinner as well :)

    • Yup, I would like to think like that also but we're not that close actually (in the past or now). That's why it makes me wonder a little bit, but thanks anyway :)

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    • Mmhm
      Just go on with the flow enjoy the dinner :p
      If you like him let him know so that you guys can hang out or talk more frequently
      And Iff not jst chill :) enjoy the meal

  • Yes he is interested.

  • Must mean something


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