Guy Has A Crush On Me And won't Leave Me Alone? Help?

Hey everyone... so a guy friend/ acquaintance has a hardcore crush on me, I've explained to him... I don't want a relationship with him but he just doesn't get it :/
He got me flowers and kit katz for Valentine's day :/ I thanked him and said again i dont want a relationship, then later that day during lunch, I was hanging out with my girl-friends at our table and he came over, with all of his stuff and started "bragging" kinda to my friends, like "so did you guys see what I got Niki for Valentine's day :D" and then tried to make jokes and all... and i just got super uncomfortable, then i was headed to my locker an he's FOLLOWING ME and my friend, so i give my friend the "look" and she and me do this weird cut around thing to escape him (thank god it worked) didn't want him showing up at my locker all the time like I knew he would.

So then I got to my class which he's in, and he wouldn't stop looking at me.
Also EVERY single weekend he keeps trying to make plans with me and stuff, I went with him ONCE before I knew he liked me, now he never leaves me alone.
The part that mainly bothers me is he's trying to get to "know me" like learn all my secrets, and I told him straight up "Im not telling you anything" HE doesn't EVEN KNOW ME really, all he knows is what I look like, and I smile a lot... so its not like he even likes me for who I am, its just my looks... I don't know... what do I do to get this guy off my back, can I without hurting his feelings hardcore? I really need help, I don't want him showing up everyday at my lunch table, and spamming my phone with invites... I like someone else, Please help? he's overwhelming me
Guy Has A Crush On Me And won't Leave Me Alone? Help?
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