Why don't attractive guys approach me?

I'm curious as to why attractive guys don't approach me. I'm not looking for a 10/10 but a solid 7 would be nice. I've only been approached by not so attractive guys (3's and 4's... MAYBE a 5). I know looks aren't everything but it'd be nice once in a while to be approached by a good-looking guy. I've been told by my guy friends that guys think i'm cute, so i know i'm not ugly (not saying i'm super attractive or anything). I also had a bad experience with this guy i made out with. Take in mind, he was flirting sober all night long, we got drunk, made out and then he told my friend he only kissed me because he had beer goggles. That one really hurt my ego that was already at a -2. I don't get why attractive guys don't come up to me, I've been catcalled but catcalling doesn't mean i'm attractive and it's not flattering, I'd rather not be called things by yucky old men :(
Why don't attractive guys approach me?
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