How long does it take a guy to forgive someone he cares about?

I am an idiot. I have issues controlling my anger when I am tired so I lashed out. I said something mean about this guy to a friend of his. I know, I suck. I am trying to be nice to him but he frustrates me so I acted out. He has forgiven me before, how long should I expect him to be pissed?
Oh bro, we have known each other for nearly five years :p


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  • Probably about a few weeks to a month it helps to try and talk to him or write a letter after giving you space saying you dun goofed up and change your old ways. If I was the guy then I'd be slightly less angry.

    • I told his friend that he made me upset. That he can either make me happy or sad.

      Lol sorry. I forgot to say what I said. Oh okay.

  • Depend on the person. Depending on how hard he take it will be how long he need to forgive (if he want to forgive)

    Some people forgive, but never forget, like me! :)

  • if he forgives you again, then better don't think about it :-)


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