My ex told me to Take Care?

He sent me this,

'" I'm really sorry for making you upset. I know you have been feeling unhappy with me. I can't be the guy you want in your life. I hope you will meet someone better. Perhaps we might see each other again someday. Please take good care."

What should I reply to change his mind/heart and want me back?

Should I just,

a) Ignore his message and let him come back to me

b) Get angry and tell him I will never want to see him again

c) Say sorry too and say that I will forgive him

I'm not going to send him a long message to tell him my feelings which I already did.

I don't know why he keeps thinking he is in the wrong. Does he really don't want me? Did I unintentionally hurt him?
My ex told me to Take Care?
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