I just found out the real reason my ex fiancé broke up with me, now what? ?

I figured it was his family…

His mom told me…

His mom told me she has been feeling guilty and regretful about this.

They have one more child, my ex’s sister, who has serious health problems and If my ex married me, they were worried, I’d take him with me in my country, because he loved me a lot.

So, when they heard I was coming back and we would marry, and they knew I wanted to live in Georgia, they pushed him to go to another city and break up with me, because it’s his responsibility to stay in China and take care of his sister, as his only family member.

And my ex has not met me, because he still loved me. And it was shameful and painful for him to tell me the truth and tell me that his proposal was taken back because of his family.

In China a man can’t marry without family’s approval.

He didn’t come to meet me because he knew it was worthless, as his family wouldn’t change mind and it would be only painful for both of us, because I was his first love and he was my first and we had very strong feelings to each other.

He has never cheated on me. He just left on the demand of his parents.

And they swapped the promise, that he would go to another city, far from me and would work and live there and instead, his family would take care of me if I ever needed…

That’s what his mom just confessed to me…. I don’t know how to feel about it. I feel a bit numb and feel like going out by the river and crying.

Seems like they were so nice to me because they felt guilty they stood between us and they knew we really loved each other.

11 mo
And I was so confused that he broke up with me just 3 weeks after his last proposal… I failed to get why he did that.
11 mo
And his mother messaged me, that’s why he left for a faraway city few days before I returned to China. And that they didn’t talk to each other for months because if the very same reason.

And she told me he loved me a lot and that she saw his tears when he was packing my items and telling his parents to give them to me when I’d return.

And she told me she knows he still loves me but his family still wants a Chinese wife for him.
I just found out the real reason my ex fiancé broke up with me, now what? ?
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