I can't get over my husband's ex... I really want to leave him for my happiness

we have a 9 month old son though.

but he loves his ex, she is beautiful and he loves her. he talks about how much he loved her and what they had together. she left him for another man. she is much more successful than I am.

I don't want to be with him because I don't feel loved by him.

he never wants to do anything with me, he feels he "has" to or else I'll get mad, that's the only reason he does things with me. not that he wants to. He hates being with me, and doesn't care about my feelings or how I feel or what I think about things. He never asks for my opinion or care if I am happy or not. He never does anything nice for me out of the blue and he is always doing things that are very unthoughtful. Like I was 7 months pregnant and instead of buying a car for 500 for me he bought an ipad for 900 for me, I went and returned it and I bought myself a car. I always have to clean the house, make the food, work (I worked at a school as a TA)... I did everything and it is not enough for him. He still says I'm lazy and do nothing and am always doing nothing. I do 3 loads of laundry, take care of the finance and the cars... I take car of our son but he sees nothing. He always complain that I don't make any money and that it is all his money and I won't get a penny when we divorce. He has beat me up a lot and tried choking me to death. He smashes all my expensive electronics, laptop, camera, cellphone etc. He doesn't care about my feelings. He doesn't care about me and he wants to be with his ex but she is across the ocean and successful and happy and I'm not so sure if they still contact each other because he has my passwords for my Facebook and gmail etc but he won't give me his. I guess he can check up on me to make sure I'm not doing anything but I can't check up on him. What should I do? all I hear is that, emma like the on top positions, emma likes to wear my jeans, emma likes to do strawberries and food with sex, emma likes to rave, emma likes strobe lights, emma and I went to prom together, emma is so beautiful and has big eyes, I tell emma she is beautiful all the time but she just looks away, Emma's mom is like this, Emma's dad is like this, Emma's mom's boyfriend is like this blah blah blah I can write a 1000 page book about Emma's life... what should I do? should I divorce? where should I go?
I can't get over my husband's ex... I really want to leave him for my happiness
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