Everyone says he likes me but why hasn't he asked me out?

I am a Grad Assistant in his program at our college. I take classes in a different program. Everyone I work with, the teachers and program directors say he really likes me. At a party he bought me a drink, we talked a lot, and the night ended back in my room where he didn't even kiss me or ask for my number. I just got tired after talking even more and he left so I could sleep. He's not really that shy. So what gives? I get that this is a weird situation but the grad assistants aren't off limits for dating other students. I'm younger than him by 2 years.

Everytime I see him I can't look him in the face because I feel stupid that it didn't go anywhere.

What is going through his head?
Please someone help. I can't just ask him. It's too awkward.


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  • Could be that he just isn't looking for anything serious right now, maybe he's taking things slow. Did anything off-putting happen that evening?

    • Nothing offputting happened. All that my coworkers said was that he had been checking me out all night and he says hi all the time now.

    • Cherrybomb82 sums it up pretty well.

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  • he's probably waiting to make sure that you feel the same way, he's probably afraid that you might say no, and then if you do, he has to decide how he would actually feel about the friend zone. there's lots going through his head!

    Help him out, and flirt a little... maybe even mention that there's another guy who has been giving you the eye and you think he might ask you out... this will hopefully get him moving fast!

    • It's hard to flirt with him with other people around. Any suggestions?

    • Compliment him on something that's out of the ordinary... like something unique that applies only to him! Also try "you're such a guy" whenever he says or does something manly. You can try" Im so lucky because no other girl gets to spend this time with you right now". If you guys go for a walk or sit close to watch a movie, simply say " I feel so safe next to you!" these sayings should work!
      Now physically just do what feels natural, touch his arm, brush your hand against his, smile a lot, look into his eyes while he is talking.
      I hope this works for you... good luck out there! Wishing you the best!

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  • I was a grad assistant. There were girls I really liked, and there was nothing saying I couldn't date them. Even so, I chose not to, because it still felt like a conflict of interest to me, personally. I didn't feel like it was the best way to establish a professional identity.


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