How do I tell my boyfriend to stop burping in public? It is such bad manners?

It's okay if he does it alone with me, but my boyfriend burps these really loud and disgusting burps in public. Yesterday he burped insanely long in the mall and before out of nowhere burped obnoxiously at a restaurant. We're in college and apparently his guy friends do the same thing. How do I tell him that's bad etiquette in public? He thinks I'm trying to "take his manhood from him." I just want him to act decently when he's in public because I try to do the same thing.
He just will not realize that burping is GROSS


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  • Tell him that if he doesn't stop, he should forget oral sex for a couple of months


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  • You can't. Wherever you be, let your wind go free

  • Just be grateful he ain't farting!

    • Don't you think it's super gross though?

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    • Ey! whats wrong with farting!

    • I am really unsure why he has to do that. His burps are super loud and disgusting and he just does it in public like it's nothing

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