Why is he purposely avoiding me?

He used to be really into me, trying to show me he was into me, but since he never got around to asking me out and I'm very shy around him to the point I find it hard to look at him, I just went with his flow, but he stopped staring at me and smiling, now when he walks past he doesn't say hello he looks into the distance and ignores me, When he walks in the room and I want to say hi, he looks any where and at any one but me making it hard for me to approach. He leaves the room when I walk iin, and constantly assume I'm coming in the room because of him. He makes me feel like I was begging clingy when I wasn't. If he's standing next to the person I need to talk to and I ask that person a question, he will either look away or turn around.

All the while he's still nice, and I could be reading too much into it, but he definitely isn't pursuing me anymore. He won't let me approach, and also one time I find into the room and he walks away from me, as if I was going to approach him which I wasn't. I never have approached him, I still like him and his behavior is making me question whether he likes me, because although he seems to be avoiding me, it seems he is doing it consciously, rather than someone who just wasn't interested and didn't see me like that. I'm confused and I feel like giving up... What do you think?
Why is he purposely avoiding me?
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