Why would he purposely avoid me?

There's a guy I've known since I was in grade school. We lived 2 blocks from each other all through school. We never talked much, unless he was teasing me or making fun of me in some way. It wasn't really mean so it never bothered me, and I always had a thing for him. I Haven't seen him much after high school. I recently saw him at a bar, I was with a couple of my friends that he knew, he said hi to my friend but not to me...I'm not sure if he didn't recognize me, even though I look the same as I always did, or he didn't see me since no eye contact was made. I looked at him but he didn't look at me. The bar is very big and I ended up on the opposite side so I didn't get the chance to notice if he seen me. I think he avoided making contact with me but I'm not sure why? any ideas? worst part is I want to talk to him, were both single and I've always been interested. ( he doesn't know that though )
Why would he purposely avoid me?
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