Why is he avoiding me?

I’ve been seeing him for just over 6 months now, we get along really well, there has never been any silly games and everything was just organically unfolding, we have never had an argument, he has always been a very busy man, so we work mostly around his schedule, he has always been so nice and complimented me loads and always spoke about how much he likes me and how special I am, how glad he is he has met a woman like me, he would always keep me updated on everything even when we had weeks we wouldn’t speak much, I would always get a text or call to explain his absence, he would never ignore my texts ever. The last time I seen him, I told him I wanted to see him more and I seen the relationship going further, that I didn’t want to rush anything but I wanted more he agreed it was time and that I didn’t ask for much and he would do his best, after that we spoke and he was still the same, extra nice and responsive but then one day he didn’t read my message all night so I messaged him to let him know that wasn’t exceptable, if he was busy to just say, he apologised and said it won’t happen again, since I’ve messaged him to complain also about how he still hasn’t made no effort to see me more, he never opened my message, a couple of days later I messaged him to ask if he hadn’t received my message and when I would next see him, still not opened, he has still been actively liking my posts on social media whilst avoiding my messages. I’m starting to think I have put pressure on him when he’s not ready to move it forward yet. What can I do to make it better? Thank you
Why is he avoiding me?
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