What on earth happened to chivalry?

Why aren't people well mainly guys as polite as before, no one holds the door open for girls anymore, some guys can't even offer to help a girl with a heavy bag or whatever, the guys in my college are worse they can't even help a girl pick up a stupid pen ugh! I must say though I have encountered a few guys here and there who still do hold the door or offer a girl a seat but just a few.
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:''D Woah people are getting really excited here anyway I hope this earns me some points (hhmm I wonder). Well I'd really like to thank everyone who had an opinion you guys rock however some of you were rather prickly lol (chill man). To those who still do these things you guys are awesome!
It was a good debate wasn't it, hope all of you had a great time sharing your opinions :D.
What on earth happened to chivalry?
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