Guys, my friend keeps asking me for oral. Why?

Why? I can't do this as a play between friends, all right. The thing is he has a girlfriend already. But we are somehow caught up in a very ambiguous relationship, in which we make it verbally clear with others that we are 'just friends'. But why almost everytime I stay over his flat he keeps asking me to do oral sex for him. It starts out as a cuddle first, then we snog. Then it always ends up he begs for an oral, saying something like 'it's like a play between friends'. He also sends me some websites talking about sex and techniques and stuffs, and I am also like... ewww, please.

Can you men do that with everyone? Is there any possibly any tinge of love in this? Because I feel so weird and awkward right now. Sometimes we are so good together people think we're couples. :(
Guys, my friend keeps asking me for oral. Why?
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