What your opinion on the MGTOW movement?

I am a woman who just discovered about the movement today while reading a few questions here on GaG. I thought the movement was cute, and didn't take it too seriously. Let these men live how they want as long as they aren't harming anyone. One of the big things they're known for is swearing off marriage and not having children (though some have/done both). I thought, AWESOME, I want neither of those things too anymore! So, now I was a little intrigued and read more into them. I began to agree with some of their blogs, until I met the extremist part of the group.

Now, I'm an equalist. I don't think men should have all the power over everything, and the same goes for women! In this world though, many women truly are oppressed, but that doesn't make the male oppressed crowd any less significant (YES, MEN CAN BE OPPRESSED.) I truly think as humans, what's between our legs shouldn't dicate our lives, but a lot of it does. Men, by society's view, have to be strong, dominant, masculine, and in power of authority. No emotions for them! And women can only be submissive, below men, wives, and mothers. They are supposed to be quiet, and follow their man. Well, not everyone fits that mold, and I'm an example of that. Both sides are truly screwed over by society's unjust standards, and my only wish is one day to find balance. I know men and women are different, but we are all human. Why not treat us like humans? Why does everything have to be so divided in every little detail of our lives?

Sorry for ranting, but back to my point before, I met the extremist part of the group. To me, they truly were sexist and horrible, at least by their comments. Many of their views came from biased opinions ("Several women screwed me over, so women suck!) and sterotypes. It was reasons like those I grew to disagree with the feminist movement. They became too extreme and irrational with some of their points for me to believe in their cause any longer. So, what do you think?
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What your opinion on the MGTOW movement?
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