Why do guys always want to know what you are doing...he hasn't even committed yet.

If you have been dating someone for awhile...say a month or so...and he has not committed to you yet, why does he constantly want to know your whereabouts and what you are doing? And if your schedule seems a little out of the norm to him, he sounds suspicious?


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  • "why does he constantly want to know your whereabouts and what you are doing?"

    Possible reasons (same for both sexes):

    1. An insensitive ignorant who doesn't know how to make people comfortable when conversing with him, asks 99999 questions out of concern/curiosity; doesn't even know other people have a right to privacy. Typically, guys like these are poorly educated. If this is the case and you find him attractive in other ways, tell him in very CLEAR words, he needs to read a couple of good books on the art of communication, EQ, sensitivities...etc. You need to be upfront with this type because they are so thick skinned/headed that any "gentle suggestion" won't "penetrate".

    2. A control freak, filled with fear and insecurities, thinking with a mind/psyche that has gone "nuts". Wants to monitor every move of yours; the only goal he has is that he can place you where he wants to, at all times. He needs to "kill you" and turn you into a dead object which he has acquired possession of. This is the ONLY way he can feel safe with any human beings. If this is the case, RUN!

    In either case, make sure you ask yourself, "Is this guy the kind of guy I want to be with?" If not, flip the guy into his opposite, and focus on the RIGHT kind of guy, the kind you want to hang around with.


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  • What fun this must be for you!

    He's jealous and insecure. This is a recipe for disaster.

    You can do better than this.

    Since you are over 30, I assume that this guy is also over 30. This fact alone makes it even worse.


  • Why do women always want to know the your whereabouts and what you're doing?

    Insecurity, posessive traits, and trust. If you are secure with yourself and you trust who you are with, then you don't care what they are doing every minute of the day. Sure, you'll ask to be curious, but you won't be on the phone every hour wanting to know your partners exact location


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  • this guy is incredibly possessive, jealous and controlling. my friend went out with a guy like that and it was an absolute nightmare! seriously steer clear of these types of guys they're trouble!