Why don't white guys like beautiful ethnic women?

I'm a beautiful woman super attractive sexually appealing. Most men don't like me cuz I'm really pretty but I can somehow get other guys to maybe like me. I'm indo pakistani too. However white guys for some reason just hate my guts. It's weird most white guys just treat me like shlt and are really mean to me. I don't prefer any race but I've been on lots of dates with white men and in general they just are mean to me. But I'll see white guys dating black women or Asian women but they don't like beautiful pak women like me. I can get if I wasn't pretty ok.

It's not my race because I barely look my race I just look like a really beautiful woman however u want to define that. But white men just don't like me. Other ugly women of my race can meet white men easily but most shun me. Do white men in general
just hate beautiful ethic women or beautiful women in general? And I'm looking for legitimate answers not cut downs. I used to model and I barely even look my race I sort of look Hispanic. You'd think men would jump to date me but instead they are mean to me. Many will say I'm so hot and still be mean to me. And I have a great personality I'm laid back funny I go to tons of concerts shows and just fun and cool. Not bossy or mean just super laid back. It makes no sense why men or white men would prefer an ugly fat boring or rude girl to a super hot gorgeous fun girl who is cool or be mean to her. Heck I just drove 15 hours to another state to go see a show.
Why don't white guys like beautiful ethnic women?
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