What does it mean when a guy says "we can still be friends"?

so I met this guy at a concert through another guy friend. I thought he was hot so I added him on MySpace and traded numbers. we texted for a week or so and then thanksgiving weekend I ended up staying at his house, we got along great and the following Monday he asked me to come stay the weekend with him again. after that though he started not answering my text so much..he had said he really liked me and hoped he played his cards right. but anyway..i noticed he got distant and I asked him bout it. he text back and said "your too clingy its annoying if you want me to be honest"

i was floored. I didn't realize I was being that way..so I asked what exactly I had done and he just never answer me. well a couple of days ago he finally got on MySpace and we chatted and he told me he couldn't handle being the center of someone's world or a million text a day.. and we joked around and all that good sh*t, and I told him I didn't realize I was even doing it and he said that he never meant to hurt me and that I was a 'cool chick' and fun to hang out with... and he said we can still be friends.

so..does this mean that maybe eventually he will like me again or still does or SOMETHING. I need advice because I really like him and I'm so mad that it ended up this way! help!
What does it mean when a guy says "we can still be friends"?
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