He called me 'Gullible'? Now I'm offended?

My friends with benefits said I'm very gullible. He had told me he was waiting on another girl to come after I leave and I didn't say anything about it. Until I got home I text him telling him I never want to see him again and he said "lol I was just joking because you are very gullible"... That offended me... I feel like he considers me so stupid and now it all adds up. That's why he always corrects me in almost everything I have to say, he always says 'I told you so' , when ever I tell him about having a crush he questions me like if I dont know what I want , he acts like I don't got a mind of my own always making decisions for me , it adds up now he thinks I'm stupid... what should I do? How can I stop being gullible or what?
He called me 'Gullible'? Now I'm offended?
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