What does it mean when a guy gets EXTRA lovey dovey?

My boyfriend is a generally very sweet and affectionate guy, and I feel so lucky for that! He tells me I'm beautiful and that he loves me every day, sometimes multiple times a day. However, we usually also talk about a lot of other things as well or just joke around or whatever.

But for a few days there he was like OVER the top with affection (not that I'm complaining)! It just stood out to me that in literally every message he was gushing non-stop about how much he loves me, and this went on for about 2-3 days where it seemed like all he could talk about. Then after that he went "back down" to his usual lovey self and tone of conversation haha

I should mention we've been together 3 years and recently had to become long distance (but only for the next year) due to school. I'm going to see him next month (stoked)! And he's also talked a lot about wanting to marry me and has even asked me for ring ideas. So that's a little background on us.

I know I'm probably over-analyzing, and I'm probably the first girl in the world to wonder about her boyfriend being "too lovely", but does anyone else do this or have it happen to them? And if so, any thoughts as to what it's all about?

What does it mean when a guy gets EXTRA lovey dovey?
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