Did this guy secretly take a picture of me?

I was in a car with my two best guy friends, it was night time. I sat in the passenger's seat while Friend A was driving and my other friend, Friend B, was sitting alone in the backseat but scooted in the middle to talk to us. While I was talking to Friend A, I see a flash bright light from behind and a clear, "click" sound of a camera. I immediately stopped talking when Friend B awkwardly and with poor acting skills said, "Oh, what the heck, what did I do" and when I turned around he was holding the phone as if trying to hide the screen from me. Later when I talked to Friend A in that same instance, I turned around to Friend B, including him again, and noticed his cell phone was pointed at me and quite closely while I was talking to him and he didn't move from his spot; he was just sitting up very straight and holding the phone in that way like recording me as I was talking about The Hunger Games. Later on, he bought me some snacks and when we went to see the movie at my house, after a hug, he told me, "Man, I want to see it again already."


Was it my imagination that this guy took a picture of me and maybe recorded me too?

How do I know if he did without asking him? I do not want to ask him.

I don't feel uncomfortable if he did since I always get mixed signals from him.

Why would a guy possibly take a picture of a girl and record her talking on his cell?

Help? :)
Did this guy secretly take a picture of me?
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