Why are my guy friends so mean to me?

so i am in a group with about 7 guys and 2 girls including me. the problem with them though is they are so mean to me. they always say they are kidding like when i start becoming mad and stuff but they never say they kidding so i never really know. the other girl thats in the group is really pretty and they mess with her in a friend way kinda and never pick on her like they do to me. i read other stuff about they guy likes you but its seven guys and i know they dont like me like that. plus multiple guys in the group like my friend. so i dont know if they just geniually dont like me so they're mean, or if thats just how they are. they aren't mean to me all the time they are nice sometimes. so i am confused.. do they like me or hate me?
Why are my guy friends so mean to me?
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