My stepdad Tried to have sex with me?

im 17 he's 35 he's been with my mum for 6 years now. My mums away on a holiday with my gran and I'm left with him for 10 days! The thing that's scaring me is last night he came into my room about 11pm and he was talking to me I didn't think was weird because he's done it before he lay down on my bed on his phone still thought it was okay because I was under the a bit he was outside them. Then he put his phone down and stared at me so I got uncomfortable because he kept looking at my boobs then he tried to kiss me but I moved back and laughed, he was like it's okay we're not related we can have sex if you want! So I got out of the bed and told him he's crazy. I went down the stairs he came down about 30 minutes after me and tried to kiss me again then put his hands on my boobs, I went into total shock then he pulled my top And tried to get my shorts off that's when I freaked out and he stopped said sorry and left me alone. I was really freaked out about it. Today I was getting ready for school and he came behind me and put his hands on my hips and said sorry again and smacked my bum!
He's been acting weird all night and keeps asking me to come down and sit with him! I don't know why he's being like that I've always liked him and been nice to him!

I dont know what I should do? Help?
My stepdad Tried to have sex with me?
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