I accused him of using me for sex?

We had sex on Friday night I said I was worried he was never going to talk to me again he said not to worry and kissed me goodbye then on Saturday I texted him to give him my new number and he ramg me and we were having a laugh saying he was coming out later he did with his older nephew who is also an adult... I went in and asked him to ring me later but I missed his calls and I rang him on Sunday and then on Monday I kind of got annoyed and accused him of using me and called him names and he called me an ejject and idiot and said just because he had sex with me doesn't mean he love me hung up the phone on him and yesterday I texted to say sorry and he rang we chatted and was talking I had a free house and said he come out but I was in my mama

do you think he actually likes me? He has told me about some of his family and things about him..
I accused him of using me for sex?
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