Why is he so distant and moody with me after sex?

My boyfriend of 8 years and I have had ups and downs lately. I went camping with friends for 2 nights and then on the day I came back, he went out camping with his friends for 3 nights. We did not see each other at all. While I was away I was thinking that maybe some distance would be good for us. He messaged me telling me what he was up to and that he missed me. I answered him with brief replies - I was busy with my friends. After the camping trips, he returns and is super affectionate and loving and close. It appears like he WANTS to be near me and listen to my stories from what's been happening in my life. He shared his stories. That evening we had sex. The next morning - this was out of habit - he woke up early and when he saw that I was awake in bed he came to lay beside me to chat. That rarely happens. I was happy. He went out for a bit and when he returned he was affectionate again. We had sex. Well, now the next day he seems distant and impatient with me. He was playing his computer games and was losing. He wanted to get a chore finished outside - we have dirt to take to eco station - and I was just simply asking him if we needed it for anything. Maybe build a planter box. He blew up at me and accused me of not wanting to deal with the dirt when I was just trying to think of ways to save money in the long run. Anyways, now he is pissed at me and acting like a complete child when I try to talk to him calmly about the matter.
This is not the first time that I have noticed a switch flip the next day after sex. I feel used. I feel like now that he is satisfied he does not need to keep me close. Is this a normal guy reaction?
Why is he so distant and moody with me after sex?
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