25M/22F What are we?

Been friends with this guy for a few months, started off flirtatious (still is) but the topic of friendship have came up multiple times. We argue a lot, on small things, stupid things and get annoyed at each other quite often but we apologize, move on, etc. We tease each other a lot, compliment each other quite a lot (physically). I think the attraction is there but it's dragging on, feels kinda like friends with benefits without the benefits. I feel like he has a lot of expectations for me and is quite critical of me some times. He also tells me that I can tell him what he can work on and friendship/relationships require work. We would always laugh at the fact that other people hit on either of us and most people think we're together when we're out (we hang out pretty much at least 5 times a week). I just don't really know what to make of the situation? Any clues
25M/22F What are we?
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