Dealing with a girl who was too nice/afraid to say no?

I think I made my move too late on her, which is fine because I never dated before and I was just trying to get experience. Basically she agreed to one date, but after that basically dodged my attempts at another one by saying "we'll see" or giving an excuse or canceling the day before or finally telling me that she'll let me know and never talking to me again.

Basically, she was indirectly telling my no but it took me a while to get the hint.

I haven't seen her in more than half a year, but I re-initiated contact about a month ago and asked her if she wanted to catch up (where she said she'll let me know and never talked to me again). I figured I had nothing to lose at that juncture because I'd never see her again so whatever.

Well, I was wrong. I AM going to see her again. She's going to be in the new graduate school I'm going to in a month. How do you deal with this type of situation? Specifically, I'm kind of embarrassed now because she gave me the run around, but I don't want her to think that I'm still pining away for her. I just want to talk to other girls and get some dates. Apparently, from what other people said on this site, this girl is afraid to talk to me (hence how she never contacted me in all those months and only responded when I contacted her) because she thinks if she talks to me I'll ask her out. Frankly, that's embarrassing. I'd rather her not even be there at all.

So what should I do? Some say to tell her to her face that I'm not pursuing her but I don't even want to bring it up and cause more embarrassment for her and me, or even talk to her if that's possible.
Dealing with a girl who was too nice/afraid to say no?
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