What's going on with my FWB?

I've had a friends with benefits for a couple of months. He made it clear that he wasn't looking for a relationship ( to be honest neither am I). Recently another guy came inot my life and I feel really confused. My friends with benefits knows I've developed strong feelings for him but we still keep seeing each other. I told him about this other guy because according to him I seem happier. I like this other guy but not as much as I like my friends with benefits. My friends with benefits has explained to me he sees me only as a friend. Yet when I told him I didn't know what I wanted he asked If I liked the other guy and if I've fooled around with him. I was honest with him. He said that he want sure he could be friends with benefits knowing I could sleep with another guy. Yet he doesn't want a relationship and he keeps denying he's jealous but i feel like he's not being honest. Why would he be acting like this?
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I meant to add in that he's seen another girl on the side. He and I fought about it because if he's gonna see people I should be able to as well
What's going on with my FWB?
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