Help! Why are people only attracted to my body?

I don't know if anyone will see this but I've been struggling for a while now because guys only seem interested in me when I have a low-cut top on or I'm wearing something tight etc. I want to be in a relationship but all I get are fuckboys or guys who just talk to me for my body. As soon as the idea of a relationship is mentioned, they never talk to me again. It's getting really frustrating because I'm getting all the wrong attention. It used to just be online but now its even happening at school. I've brought it up with my friends and they just told me to stop being dramatic and be greatful for the attention. They also won't stop mentioning how lucky I am but I really don't feel it. Even a guy I've been crushing on literally only likes me because of my chest. It's just become really annoying, any advice?
Help! Why are people only attracted to my body?
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