My crush called me awkward is awkward a huge turn off?

Crush works with me and he stops by my area making small talk and we having teasing banter. When a group of us had lunch breaks together, despite who was talking or who he'd respond to he'd just look at me as he spoke. If we are in same area and I said I was going to the lounge or something he ends up there minutes after me. He teases that he's the bright spot to everyone's day at work including mine.

The other day he comes by and I'm joking about something and he's playing around too. Then he tells me "Your mannerisms remind me of someone". I say "Don't tell me if it's going to sound rude" and he says "no, it's a compliment , almost". I'm like "almost... what... either it's good or it's not good". But I ask who and he says " you know the girl from "New Girl?", I say Zooey Deschanel. He's like "yes her, in interviews, awkward". I ask how is awkward not bad. He's says it's fine because Issa Rae on "Insecure" is awkward and had a webseries, so I could make a show about my life that he could direct (he's into television/filmmaking). And he says it's in with Donald Glover and the guys on HBO's "Silicon Valley" . I'm kind of taken aback, because you want someone you like to think you're desirable not awkward. He adds I'm like a 2018 "Daria". -_-. I'm sarcastic and in my own world sometimes so when people greet me, I may seem confused and awkwardly wave or mumble "hi", but I'm not clumsy and I'm pretty outgoing. My friend was next to us and he asks if he's right and she said she is not going to pay us attention. He says it's because she's my friend so she's not going to say what he would. And I say "so that makes what you say sound bad, see. (to my friend half-jokingly), look at him being rude".
And he looked guilty and said "what, when? Now". And she said he feels bad. He replied "yeah , I do." We still chatted later & shared a joke online next day, so we're cool. . But now I'm feeling like he is not attracted to me. I don't know.. maybe "quirky" is cute.. but awkward?
My crush called me awkward is awkward a huge turn off?
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