Can never be normal around a crush!

So I'm 35 but look 27 probably. A 26 year old guy who liked me last year was floored when I told him my age.

Yet, I find that I am still a freaking teenage girl when it comes to crushes. I think crushing is fun. But I HATE THAT I'm still so nervous and freeze up and come across really stuck up and so unfriendly because I'm so scared/frozen that I really seem like an a**hole.

So the guy I'm super attracted to will be friendly with me and I can't manage to smile or be friendly or talk at all. Or if I speak I sound like I hate them because I'm so scared it's stupid. Seriously I try...I tell myself I'll smile each time before I see them and then I just freeze up. And then they don't try to talk to me ever again, understandably.

This weekend there was like a 21 year old guy in a sports league I drop into. He was there this past weekend and he totally recognized me from 3 times I played one year ago but because I didn't' return his friendly smile trying to say hi to me as I walked past last yr, we didn't acknowledge each other this year. But then he hit the ball in my head by accident and came over to say sorry so I was myself and was nice cause I was too surprised by the hit to be nervous or anything. He put his hand somewhere on my back or something like you're OK? and I was like don't worry about and all smiling reassuring and put my hands on his waist cause it was closest or something I totally wasn't flirting it was just the natural place to reciprocate the pat on back touching its OK thing.

Anyways the next day I saw him again at the sports thing and we didn't say hi to each other even tho he was totally always near me passing by me. But then we were right beside each other and I made an effort to speak to him because he was on my left a little away so it was cool.

Anyways I just feel stupid being nervous around a guy who is likely 15 years younger and looks it, I guess I'm a little intimidated even because he has a super strong but friendly personality and I'm out of my league with the sport.

1. Anyone else over 25 who freezes up and gets super unfriendly against their will with whoever they are attracted to?

2. Any advice?

And then of course the guys I'm so not attracted to but can be my normal bubbly self, end up thinking I like them. And I never get to know the guys I'm actually crushing on because I scare them away.

Thanks :)
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I mean advice generally, not about the sports guy...he isn't my type at all and obviously very young.
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I think the origination of all this is likely that I've only had 1 boyfriend of 7.5 years and just kissed a handful of guys. I never dated or socialized w guys in high school, was in my shell still. All my friends are girls, 3 sisters as well.
Can never be normal around a crush!
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