In what moment a guy may think you are acting desesperate to make a move on him?

If a guy thinks like that then if he does not make a move either so what will you do? Wait and wait until or someoen makes a move that won't sound as desesperate or someone stop being interest becaue noone made a move first?

I was just told that I should stop making a move to a guy Im attracted beaue he will think I am desesperate. There is a guy I like and he knows it but the guy may start loosing interested in me due to my lack of contact with him as he will think i dont want to do what he alreayd asked me months ago as Im dragging a situation too look so he may start or alrayd start to loose interest and dont care anymore for me.

Im 47 he is 45 both are single and in 3 years we had gone out in 2 dinner dates (no sexual intimacy in those 2 dates) and we had made out. We are Friends, we are not a couple or in a relationship either. So I know I been dragging the situation and posible as a man he could start not to care for m e anymore to hang out with him. So a man told me if I make a move to try to contact him again he will believe Im desepsrate from his attention when he posible is not interested (he has not told me in my face or in a text that but he had kept in silence which could be a message? But someone has to make a move right or better to let it go without any small effort of trying to get in touch with him?

This guy I know is not much of a texter first. Most of the time I always was the one initiating contact and he always replied. The thing I was dragging too much is to decide myself to get laid with him so the longer I decide and told him I want he may start to loose interest I understand but a guy told me if I reach him I will sound desesperate now especially as I had not spoken or communicated to the guy for like 3 weeks. But Three weeks ago after 2 months of not communication with him, but he did not communicated with me either , maybe he was waiting for me to make the first move to get in touch with him Iasked the guy that for his bday
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I will invite him for a dinner date and he kinda of agree but we never really set a date or time, he just said "Possibly this weekend but we will talk" Who know sif that weekend he had some engagements so he was not osure if he really could the reason for the term" Possibly", who knows.
So far we haven't gone out yet. One week after I told h im that I texted him again jsut to ask him "if we could hang out that weekend finally" but he did not respond. Not taht, I sound desesperate because...
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I dont chase him or pursue him with texts often or everyday to talk to him at all I dont do that beaue w are not even a couple or in a relationship we are Friends.

But maybe I believe the guy is bothered and upset I did not put out with him 2 months almsot 3 months ago when he suggested me he wanted. I mean that is very immature r to be mad just because I did not hang out iwth him the day he wanted to get laid.
In what moment a guy may think you are acting desesperate to make a move on him?
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