Why don't more girls take the initiative?

Why don't girls take the initiative? Why do girls always expect guys to do all the work? Isn't it 2011 now? I always hear them say they are equal to guys and what not. They want to be equal in everything that is convenient for them like when it comes to making money and the way the are treated, etc. but when it comes to dating and relationships most girls never do anything. They expect the guy to do everything. I just don't know why they 'expect' it. It's not like we're required or something. If you want to be equal to us, then be equal. I have no problem with asking out a girl or whatever but, if they like a guy they just expect him to ask her out. It's not like there is any reason why they can't. It's not clingy if a girl pursues a guy because it's the same as a guy pursuing a girl. A lot of guys, myself included would love for a girl to take the initiative. It shows that you like him. It seems like girls just love the attention or something. I don't know how many girls I've heard say that the guy is expected to do this and that. What are we living in old times here? It's not like the girl is expected to stay home all day and cook and clean anymore. Most women have jobs now too. It's like something so simple that they refuse to change. Especially since a lot of girls say they can never find the right guy. Well, go look for him, he's not necessarily going to find you. I love the girls I just wish they would act more confident and take the initiative now and again. The few girls that I met that did this to me I was impressed and felt flattered. The girl I'm dating now asked me out and she's the greatest!
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All I'm saying is that guys and girls should be completely equal. I truly believe this.
Why don't more girls take the initiative?
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