How should I handle a cat and mouse situation with someone?

I've been feeling like this toward a guy I'm crushing on; we've been in a cat and mouse chase for a couple of month. I used to think that he was scared/fearful and because of our very similar natures was why he never really approached. It's not like I haven't showed him that I like him and the impression I get is that he seems to like me too. I see it when another guy approaches me and or asks me out; he gets jealous, we have inside jokes, we'll argue about stupid stuff and I've noticed that he'll only really ask me how my weekend was.

But something happened and it's making me question the way I see him and now I'm wondering if he's just playing me. He went out, got roaring drunk and basically was so late to work that they opened late. The following day I found that my other coworker was acting strange around me, they kept saying he was annoying them but wouldn't say much else. I come to find out from the another coworker that he basically was talking about how he was out and trying to pick up some girl.

Now I must say, I've never felt so pitied by people in my life and it pissed me off. The person told me that they didn't want to say anything to me because "everyone thinks you like him and they didn't want to hurt my feelings." What really hurt was the fact that no one would tell me, I understand the entire " not hurt feelings thing" but one would assume that if I"m catching feelings it's for a reason and none of us are in high school or teenagers, I think a fair warning about someone is fair game.

Ever since than I really just don't know how to act around him. I'm trying to distance myself because at the end of the day I don't want to get hurt but I see that he tries to come back with the talking and the teasing and inside jokes; I just don't know what to do. I don't want to seem crazy asking him want he wants from me because at the end of the day what if he just really likes me as a friend and I was reading too much into it.
How should I handle a cat and mouse situation with someone?
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