He deleted my number.. why?

so I have known this guy let’s call him X for a year and his friend always brought up how we should get married and he’d come to the wedding. Both of us used to deny it and say that we’re just friends. Last day of school his friend told me that X said he would marry me when we are older. We moved on and went our separate ways for college. I messaged him a few months after to invite him to a game but he had work and couldn’t make it. From the texting he seemed pretty fine with me and he was actually glad I messaged him.
The other day, one of his family members passed so I messaged him to offer my condolences. But he said “who is this”!! I’m guessing he deleted my number? And why?
This time when we texted he said “take care of yourself” when we were ending the convo.
I can't lie that I don’t have feelings for him I was just not ready and I took time for myself but I am realizing that I have been thinking about him for quite some time but also don’t want to push him to do anything. His birthday is coming up so I don’t know what I should do.
What does it mean that he deleted my number and should I wish him happy birthday?
He deleted my number.. why?
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