Why is he nosy?

Why would a married man remember things I say... go outta his way to remember... like curious to know where I live how old I am if I was in college ( I look young for my age , I'm actually 27). I recently just found out this guy I liked is married (manger at a pizza shop) ... he must have his ring in his pocket. Why is he no nosey if he's married? he said I need a new boyfriend ( an no he wasn't flirting) I asked if he was married... he's 35... an he asked if I had a boyfriend? the guy's behind starting smiling at me (I'm sure that ment nothing...πŸ‘€πŸ˜©πŸ€”. An yes I was said to learn he is married... but why was he being nosy for MONTHS on end? It's creepy.
Why is he nosy?
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