You look at my vagina but can’t say hi?

I introduced myself to this guy who has been staring at me and I thought it went well. Except that he left nervously at the end but overall a normal intro. He asked me questions and said he was glad that I was living in the same place as him. A couple days later, I go to do some work in a coffee shop and he basically ignores me the whole time while he was with his mates. I tried to say hi but I just assumed he was doing his own thing. However when he would constantly look in my direction, fix his hair, talk loudly and walk where I can see him without greeting me, I wondered if I did something wrong. He really got my attention when I left and came back into the room and he abruptly stops mid convo with his mate and blatantly STARES right at my groin area (I had on leggings 🙃). I made it a point to make eye contact after this and all he did was look at me in shock and look down really quickly. He immediately went to smoke a cig (looking stressed) after and when he came back continued to ignore me. I left by I wondered WTF, that was odd. Is he a shy, weird or just not interested?
You look at my vagina but can’t say hi?
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