Can't tell if guy at work fancies me or is gay and wants a friend?


I know it's not likely that anyone can really tell without being around this boy but I need some neutral opinions here.

I work with this boy he's in the IT department and comes down quite frequently to ours to do some work. I first noticed him about 6 months ago, and he would sit either across from me or somewhere nearby.

At this time I thought that he was cute, but a colleacgue that sat beside me who happened to be male and a bit of a womaniser told me that the IT boy was gay this conclusion was reached from some teasing by the other boys about the fact that they thought he was looking in his direction. I was rather surprised, but accepted it as I have a useless gaydar, was a little dissapointed but didn't think too much about it. I then moved place in the office when I was given a promotion, and when I moved there whenever he comed down to work on our floor, he sits beside me still or opposite if that seat is not available. We chat and have quite a bit in common, he dosen't really talk to anyone else in the department unless they intiate the conversation, seems quite shy.

Now this carried on for quite a while, when one of the other boys in the office pointed out to me that he thought that we both fancied each other, and advised that I should just get it over with and ask him out. Which threw me as I was still under the impression that people thought he was gay.

Having spoke to a female colleague I'm friends with she told me that other people in the office had noticed that he only sat with me,and didn't really speak to anyone other than me and thought that something was going on between us. My flatmate is a guy and happens to work with me, I mentioned it to him but he had not really noticed this before, but says that now I mentioned it he can't help but notice and he thinks that he's into me from the way he angles himself apparently around me.

When chatting we both talk about ourselves the usual type of thing and the conversation is quite fluid with no awkward moments until one or the other asks when we're off next and then everything gets a bit tense...well for me at least we might ask what our plans are but nothing more. Now I know that he know's I'm single because they asked me once inadvertently.

There are plenty of empty seats nearby in the office usually too,which he sits at only when the seat beside me or around me are full. For instance today when they came in the seat next to me was empty but another man was leaning against it while talking to me, and he asked them to move so he could sit down greeted me and completely ignored the other person who moved pretty quickly at that point.

So I'm completely confused...part of me thinks that he might like me and another part of me thinks that he dosen't and that he might be gay and wants friend other than that womanising colleague mentioning it there have been not other real indications. I would have thought that if he was interested that he might have said something by now...
Can't tell if guy at work fancies me or is gay and wants a friend?
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