Says I’m not his type but continues flirting with me at work... does he only want sex?

It’s extremely obvious that this guy likes me. To the point where coworkers ask him & I separately if we like each other. I say I do like him. He finds out and tells other coworkers I’m not his type... yet he flirts/stares at me constantly even when I’m not looking he will continue to stare until I look at him then we stare at each other for a few then smile. When it comes to work he always wants to communicate with me. Goes out of his way to talk or see me. Stops listening to another coworker talking to him to stare at me from a far. (That made the other worker mad by the way lmao) We joke a lot and have a lot of inside jokes. Like best friends. When we text he wants me to call him Big Daddy Cam. I invite him out to drink with me and other coworkers. He acts different and don’t flirt or nothing. Invited us all to another bar only me and 2 people went he never showed up. (Keep in Mind he already knows that I like him.) Yesterday as I was leaving for the day we already said goodbye to each other earlier, we were about to walk past each other as he kept staring at me, I stared back. He asked me what I was getting into tonight? I said just spending time with my kids since it’s my weekend with them before they go to their dads. Next weekend I don’t have them. We might go fishing. We talked about fishing and he shared a funny story etc so then I asked him what he was doing he said he didn’t know yet. Wondering if he was wanting to do something together with me? And also I’m starting to think he only wants sex if something did come from this because I’m so confused on why he acts like this towards me yet tells everyone at work I’m not his type like he’s keeping it in the down low or something. Please help this really confused girl lol!
Says I’m not his type but continues flirting with me at work... does he only want sex?
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