Men, why do you stare at women so blatantly?

What are you hoping to achieve from this?

Recently, I’ve been noticing guys staring at me for way longer than normal and it kinda creeps me out if I’m being honest. I’ve also noticed men of all ages following me around and consistently staring in parking lots and garages, at stores, the grocery store for sure, gas stations, at my own apartment complex, I’ve even had some men try to flag me down while I drive— staying right next to me, staring and waving, telling me to roll my window down, following me to the point where I couldn’t go home because I didn’t want them to know where I lived.

It’s kinda scary for me because I do live in a major city and one of the biggest ports for human trafficking so I feel like I always have to be hyper aware.
Men, why do you stare at women so blatantly?
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