Why do men stare at women for so long?

No seriously 😭
Two years ago I had this really weird moment with this guy when I was walking down the street from a courthouse to my car (I had to help my dad with his court case) and I remember vividly how awkward my experience was with that guy, while I was walking I just so happened to look over at some building that was right in front of me and some tall man was just standing there (he was dressed professionally so im guessing he probably worked there) and we locked eyes and I tried to look away so many times but I just felt him staring at me everytime, and once I got to my car (unfortunately it was parked right in front of his building) I opened the door ✨peeped✨ over just to see if he stopped staring at me and all of a sudden some other guy stood next to him and they were both staring at me and he just kept laughing and smiling…like what? 😭 I’ll never understand why you guys do this. Also there wasn’t anything around me just traffic lights and more buildings maybe like 3 bicyclists that passed by while I was there but yea… then i had to check myself in my mirror to see if my makeup was smudged or something and nothing so I checked my clothes to see if I had a stain…still…. Nothing.
(P. s it was very early in the morning about 7 am)

Can y’all explain to me why you guys do this? 😭
Why do men stare at women for so long?
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