Why are men so superficial?

I am the type of young woman that gets checked out wherever she goes. But has soon has I put on my long coat (where you cannot see my figure) bandana and baseball cap no guy seems to notice me. I feel ugly and invisible. I do not do this by choice but rather to give my hair a rest from styling it everyday.

As soon has I take this cap off, and show a little figure guys notice me all over again. Some just want intercourse others want to take me out.

My question is, why are a lot of men so superficial? Why can't a guy notice a woman for a natural beauty, even if she is dressed down?

Why must I have nice hair, and very flattering clothes?

I even notice butter faces get this type of attention, has long has there is something men like that can be stared at.
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Also, I notice I get called "ma'am" a lot when dressed down. Does this change in appearance make me appear older?
Why are men so superficial?
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